Construction Phase

After the team is assembled and construction begins, KOW plays an active role with constant and consistent communication with the team.  We organize documents and monitor all tasks in order to keep team members on top of their portion of work.  We work to enhance communication, so any issues that do arise maintain the proper level of attention and can be handled quickly and efficiently.  While communication and project discussions occur on a daily basis, we typically meet weekly or bi-weekly, dependent on active work.  These meetings are used to review construction progress and issues that arise as well as inspect work in place and review pay applications.  We ensure the owner maintains a level of involvement they feel comfortable with.  All decisions remain the owner’s how ever, we will provide clear concise descriptions of all problems along with our recommendations and the pros and cons of all options.  We work hard to keep all projects several steps ahead of the work in progress on site to minimize risk of avoidable delays.