Phases of Service

Project Organization
Project Organization
  • Initial Budget and Schedule Development
  • Select intended Project Delivery Method
  • Develop Basic Building Requirements and Parameter
  • Perform site Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies
  • Identify Roles and Responsibilities for Design Team Members and Build the Team
  • Environmental Site Testing
  • Drawing Development
    • Schematic Design Phase
    • Design Development Phase
    • Construction Document Phase
  • Budget Development
  • Schedule Development
  • Consider Specific Contract methods for Delivery
  • Coordinate Project Documents
  • Develop Specifications
  • Secure Consultants
  • DOB Filing
  • Issue Bids and select a Contractor
  • Manage Construction Process
  • Monitor Team Communication
  • Manage Project Budgets and Schedules as work progresses
  • Manage Change Orders
  • Monitor all team members to ensure contracts are being met
  • Punchlist Process
  • Testing of all key project systems
  • Gather all Warranty information and As-built documentation
  • Closeout of all open Permits
  • Gathering of Attic Stocks
  • Final Payments