Philosophy & Approach

Real Estate Development and Construction is a very complex industry. It is extremely high-risk but can be extremely rewarding when managed properly.  Managing this risk and maximizing the reward is what makes K.O.W. ARMA the right fit for your projects.

All project team members have a responsibility and liability to the project but none more than the Owner. While the Architects, Engineers, and Contractors have specific focused responsibility, the Owner has the task of overseeing and enforcing all project members, all scopes of work, and understanding all specific aspects of each project to be sure nothing has been overlooked. This is a daunting task. This risk must be managed full time with experience, background, and a larger understanding of the process as a whole. We are experts in that process and understanding the people and roles needed to move through that process.

K.O.W. ARMA Development Consultants specializes in Owner Representation and Program Management. We take a customized multi-faceted approach to each project. While the hired professionals are focusing on details of the build, our focus is on ensuring all parties are following their defined roles and communicating. Unfortunately, most of the design and construction industry is reactive. This stems from the intricacy needed to construct and renovate these buildings and the attention to detail needed to do it well. With that type of hyper-focus needed who is there to really monitor the progress from an arm’s length and watch for the signs of an upcoming issue. That’s our role. We are in depth in the project enough to have an elaborate understanding but by making sure the professionals remain responsible for the details we can watch the project from (a close) arm’s length and intervene as issues arise. This allows us to work proactively, minimizing risk and maintaining efficiency.

As Owner’s Representative K.O.W ARMA organizes not only the project paperwork and process but all team members roles and responsibilities. We manage the day to day work of the project team and make sure all documentation is being properly recorded. Our role requires extensive experience in many areas of the industry including Feasibility, Zoning, Site Due Diligence, Finance Strategies, Design process, filing process and long lead approvals, Project Delivery Methods, Construction Process, Exit Strategies, etc… While we must be experienced in all aspects of the industry we prioritize the areas we deem most critical, Communication, Coordination, Collaboration, and Transparency. These are the Pillars of a successful project and we work diligently to ensure they are maintained from the very beginning to the very end of all projects we are involved with.